Night Wishes.

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21.12: I buy non-alcoholic "champagne" at the shop in the pool before wishing the staff a happy new year.
21.21: We meet.
21.30: We sit to dinner which consisted of rotten tomatoes and chat about families.
23.24: We lie about our association to a local trader as we made our way to the taxi.
23.45: We arrive home, put music on and prepared ourselves.
23.58: We look at the six available clocks and decided which we would recognise.
00.00: Pop!
00.01: We try to sing 'Old Langsine'.
00.02: We eat, we drink, we smile.
00.07: We prepare for our task.
00.15: We leave without words or light and make our way to the street.
00.17: We find the centre of the unused expanse and dig a small hole with tea spoon for the first candle.
00.33: We see wild dogs in the distance.
00.35: We see wild dogs running in our direction - maybe twenty in total.
00.35: We walk back home slowly and silently, being barked at all the way.
00.45: We stand watching the dogs in the distance while pretend to make a phone call as a couple of cars pass.
00.55: We return to place further more candles in the ground.
01.01: We stop placing candles, 33, 77-short of the desired volume due to the return of the dogs.
01.02: We begin lighting the candle in a random order.
01.10: We complete lighting the candle and begin photographing at various distances.
01.11: We leave for home being barked at all the way.
01.23: We light 22-candles on the balcony and photograph both the balcony and the unused expanse.
01.44: We drink coffee and eat cheesecake.
02.20: We re-light some candles on the balcony.
02.34: We watch the first few candles go out in the unused expanse.
03.03: We listen to Dub, Ragga, Dancehall and Grime music whilst talking about London.
03.30: We miss the GMT new year.
03.45: We realise we've missed the GMT new year and count down from ten before singing Old Langsine again.
04.04: The last candle goes out in the unused expanse.


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