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May we halt, take a deep breath and get a little perspective here. For the last year I have been hearing the escalation of the theatrical antics surrounding "Iran's nuclear ambition". This exceptionally boring situation has been bouncing around the top stories in the Western media with not a set of teeth to give it any bite. This is because Iran has repeatedly indulged the often embarrassing requests put forward by the IAEA on behalf of the EU3 (or whatever super-hero name they wish to band as these days). Yet the IAEA, of late, have not found any reason for concern - no amount of cameras, inspections or adaptations seem to change the fact that the facilities in question are for civilian use - as was set in motion with the US some 30 odd years ago. But amidst this seeming duality, let us not forget that it is the "nation's right" to civilian nuclear energy - and why not - with oil prices hiking-up, one would naturally want to sell such a commodity as oppose use it domestically. It's an ugly alternative yet it makes sense financially - in the short term at least.

So, to date Iran - a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty - have not breached their commitments to it, unlike the US and UK. Conveniently though, Israel, Pakistan and India - all of which are not bound by the fickle agreements of the NPT - have not provided other nations with this stick with which they can be beaten. This treaty however, with all it get out clauses, is flouted around the media as a tightrope that the neo-liberal club are excused from walking. With these double standards so conspicuously evident you might naturally conclude that this all a guise. Yes, I see now, they're exporting the much prized democracy; the freedoms or is it simply global hegemony? But will this be met with the welcoming cheers like the Iraqis before them?

As for the seemingly "revolting" comments of "wiping Israel from the map", this had been unsurprisingly reported with a neglect for further information. Maybe this is the slip-up some of us have been itching for, or maybe some of us aren't as servile as others would like and the threatening rhetoric can be met. This quote, however, was a quote from a previous statement by the late Ayatollah Khomeini (some 25-years ago) and was also reiterated by the former leader, Rafsanjani (5-years ago, yet with little fuss that time round). The latest airing of this old Iranian favorite was bound in the context of an Anti-Zionism talk among students at a Tehran university. Oddly enough, Zionism (of the non-Christian flavor) is not particularly subscribed to by Jews and such ideology could be mirrored with the fundamentalism that poorly represents Muslim groups.

At this point let us understand that the state of Israel is a long disputed occurrence after much global rearrangement during the 20th century, and, my hunch is that the Iranians see this state more as a concept not successfully seen out. Muslims the world over see the Israelis and its government as occupiers - heavily gifted with arms from the US - and with their relentless harsh behavior you can see where the frustration arises. Ok, I'm not suggesting that this is one sided and I wish to tread carefully around the mucky puddle that is the "Israel/Palestine" conflict but you might note that the reporting at least is a little one-sided. And as for any potential wiff of anti-semitism, this cannot be present - muslims live in peace with and have respect for any person of the book - be it the Torah, Bible or Koran. This was even said so in a radio address by Rafsanjani after the "revolting" comments.

As for nations facing threats, where's the violin for Iran who face repetitive threats of sanctions, expulsion from the oh-so-unbiased UN and "regime change" (illegal under international law) - lest we forget the path that took us down with Iraq. Maybe these steps are to preempt the imminent threat - yes, I'm starting to see a pattern emerge - war is peace.  And these are just the words... Iran, it seems is surrounded by many US orientated nations with many US military bases - Iraq now completes the list. Add this then to the border breaches by US forces in Iraq, the US drone flights passing Iran and blame for bombings in Iraq. Alarmingly, these are the things we hear about - what then is going on behind the scenes?


  • Hi,

    Iran has no rights as a nation because their government doesn't respect the individual rights of its citizens. The same way Nazi-Germany or Soviet Russia didn't have any rigths, so Iran doesn't have any today.

    The Iranian Regim has lied repeatedly, is a big sponsor of terrorism, its leaders have denounced America as "the Great Satan" and done many more evil things. The US government in fact has an obligatin to protect its citizens by attacking the Iranian regim, if their nuclear ambitions continue. And if any innocent Iranians die by that, I will certanly weap for them, BUT I WILL BLAME THE IRANIAN REGIM, not the US...

    Would freedom excist at all in this world if it wasn't for the USA? When I was a little boy I used to ask my dad why the big Soviet Russia didn't invade my country Sweden. And he replied the it was because the United States would rescue us...

    Why can't all the humans on this earth be friends and stop hating each other? MARK MY WORDS: IT'S BECAUSE OF ALL THE F***ING RELIGIONS!

    By Anonymous Jocke from Sweden, at 8:49 PM  

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