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"My friend won the American lottery!" exclaimed a friend whilst pointing out a man in a photo from her recent trip to the desert. "Wow, well done him - how many millions did he win?" I enquired. She paused and looked at me a little confused for a period, "no, he won the opportunity to live in America". "Oh!" I blurted out, wondering wether this was meant sarcastically. She then proceeded to tell me how excited he is and how he is rushing to ready himself. As she continued, I descended into thought - I was reminded of a film, The Island, where residents of an illusionary life where granted the opportunity to leave the restricted environment - ultimately to their death.

As I entertained the possible similarities between this film and her friend's situation I was reminded of the advantages I have over most residents of the Islamic Republic of Iran - that my British passport enables me to avoid travel and work restrictions around the world. As far as I know there are a couple of countries available simply for visitation with an Iranian passport - Turkey and Russia, anywhere else and one is subject to VISA acquisition.

The topic of leaving Iran is high on the list in conversation with friends, be it my leaving or their wish to leave. When discussing this with female friends I am left with a wiff of paranoia as I hear the echos of my family warning me - "Daveed, be careful - the Iranian girls are only interested in leaving Iran...", "...they will try anything". I'm not sure they appreciate the concealed insult as they say these things - when I suggest that we might have common ground or that we are enjoying each others company I am looked at with, "Oh so naive". And with this, my merits are reduced to a little booklet and all its entitlements.

The lottery of life has landed me with this little booklet and not the limitations brought on many of my friends in here, yet I often wonder, who would remain if things were a little different.


  • You can bring me a lovely iranian girl back if you want ;) ...as long as she doesnt mind computers, jungle, dirty clothes, bad cooking and alcoholism :D

    By Anonymous Eddy, at 2:07 PM  

  • Though as an Iranian (Female!!!!)
    resident I do agree that the topic of leaving the Islamic Republic country is high on the list,but at least as an art student of Tehran university I must admitt that not all STUDENTS(exclude d aristocrats) of my generation I have talked to intend to leave the country forever.At least the ones I have been talking to ,intend to leave the country for a better education and strongly believe that they must coem(oops sorry!) back afterwards to make their country a better place to LIVE (NOT TO lEAVE).
    There has also been this attempt by our Teachers (non of which actually supporters of IRI but believing in Iran as their Homeland )to educate their students about the same ISLAND u have mentioned!!!!
    Though lack of technology,facilities and good education leading to a great number of immigrations is inevitable.
    Things have changed a lot since the begnning of the revolution!so don't worry about Iranian girls leaving the country for anything!!!(Hush ,Don't tell ur family I have made this comment!!!!!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:00 AM  

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