A few graphically interesting observations found on BBC World. Click the link below for an explanation of what I deem as subtle propaganda.

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[Reply to Zachery Fannin, producer with ABC News]

Dear Zach,

Thanks for contacting me and also for expressing an interest in my "reaction".

I have previously declined similar such requests regarding Iran/America perspectives from American news agencies based on my lack of faith in the corporate media and my own personal safty in Iran. Therefore in this case, if you would not mind, I might summarise my thoughts in written words and should you have any questions then please email them and I shall reply as soon as I can. This is also better for me as I will be away from the office during the times you suggested.

"...your reaction to Israel's alligation that Iran is suppling weapons and possibly troops to Hezbollah in Lebanon"

Firstly, in my mind alligations are simply that, without evidence they have little credibility. That these alligations come from a people conducting aggressive war activities is far from surprising.

how might this differ from the massive assistance America supplies to Israel, given as gifts annually and paid for by the American tax payer?

Let's say for example that Iran is supplying weapons and personnel to Herzbollah/Lebanon then how might this differ from the massive assistance* America supplies to Israel, given as gifts annually and paid for by the American tax payer? One might argue that Herzbollah are not a recognised – as-in democratically elected – body, yet there are recognised and accepted states within the Middle East that have this situation, with no protest from Washington. Yet interestingly, when the Palestinians elected Hamas they were punished by Israel for making the wrong choice, a sentiment share by Washington.

Nevertheless, I have heard news (I forget the source) and have had many discussions with friends in Iran that the Iranian government indeed supply weapons/finacial aid to Herzbollah. This doesn't surprise me and I can see the strategic reason for such help. Again, we only need look at the Taliban to see that this same activity is excepted practice by Washington – the Taliban, like many other such outfits, armed and trained (by the CIA) as a proxy army. I could recite many more examples around the globe where Washington has backed oppressive militants to lever an advantage. In fact I would not be surprised if the CIA have been indirectly assisting, or at least not interupting a possible flow of arms to Herzbollah. Ultimatly Herzbollah will not match the material might of Israel (also aided by the American veto at the UN) and an escalation only serves to help the wider interests of America/corporations in the Middle East.

I hope that this is of help to you and, as I say, if you have any questions then please email me and I shall endeavor to respond.


Good luck with the article.

Kind regards,


[Letter from Zachery Fannin, producer with ABC News, 17th July 2006]

:: Hello from ABC News in New York USA


My name is Zach Fannin and I am a producer with ABC News in New York City. I am writing you because I would love to talk to you about your reaction to Israel's alligation that Iran is suppling weapons and possibly troops to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Could I talk to you on the phone sometime tomorrow afternoon say 4pm or 5pm your time? [...].





*Frida Berrigan, Senior Research Associate with the Arms Trade Resource Center at the World Policy Institute: "Military aid stands at about $3 billion a year. That’s about $500 for every Israeli citizen that the United States provides on an annual basis."

Rep. Ron Paul: Underwriting the Taliban

BBC: How democratic is the Middle East?

Chomsky: "Israel and the United States at once announced that they were going to punish the people of Palestine for voting the wrong way in a free election. And the punishment has been severe."


  • You should engage those who seek out your opinion. Afterall, Iranians don't get that much say in the Western media. Nice design BTW. Why haven't you promoted your weblog better?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:13 AM  

  • Thanks for the comment, suggestion and compliment.

    I'm not sure what "promoting [my] blog better" means. Of course there is always more that can be done and promotion for me is an ongoing matter. I currently am linked through several other bloggers and actively comment on a regular basis, linked through several blog directories, duplicate my blog at http://www.nowpublic.com/ , cross over with content on my Flickr photo journal http://www.flickr.com/photos/davidyaghoobi/ , run a mailing list, post to forum where content is relevant, have been invited to comment at large news organisation... there may be more that I have forgotten.

    Suggestions are welcomed.

    Thanks again,


    By Blogger David Mohammad Yaghoobi, at 10:08 AM  

  • "Use the force luke"
    (teehee)--sorry just saw Star Wars again and couldn't resist.
    I have not had any type of 'success' in dealing with the media. I find they've used me to "Make the NEWS", but not "Report the TRUTH", But I guess I don't have to tell you that.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

    By Blogger Ancient Clown, at 3:26 PM  

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